Our Mission

The goal of Haiti Relief Fund, Inc. is to provide disaster and humanitarian relief via fundraising, donor support, and collaboration with other charitable organizations. Our plan is to collect and distribute medical supplies, food, clothing and other necessary items to appropriate healthcare facilities, orphanages, and schools in order to aid and assist exclusively the residents of Haiti and other organizations providing humanitarian relief in Haiti. Haiti Relief Fund, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 Not for Profit Foundation of the Internal Revenue Code and classified as a Public Charity in the United State of America.

Haiti was already one of the poorest nations on earth when on January 12, 2010, a major earthquake hit with a magnitude of 7.0, leaving Haiti devastated. Most government buildings in Port-au-Prince, including the National Palace, were destroyed. Over 200,000 people perished, and millions were left homeless and in deplorable conditions in tent cities. As you can imagine, emergency care and health care was and still remains vital. Haiti Relief Fund has continued to distribute medical supply and equipment donations to almost all the public hospitals throughout Haiti, large and small, in order to help improve the delivery of health care.

General Humanitarian Aid:

From 2010 to 2012, Haiti Relief Fund had provided basic emergency relief to the earthquake victims of January 12, 2010, with items such as food, water, clothing, temporary shelter, toiletries, and chlorine bleach to fight contagious diseases throughout tent cities in Port-au-Prince and Tabarre area. We have assisted in rebuilding of homes, schools, medical clinics by distributing donated manufactured buildings materials, educational supplies.

As healthcare is vital in Haiti, Haiti Relief Fund has mainly focused on donating medical equipment, medical supplies and medications to all major hospital inside and outside of Port-au-Prince.

During the Cholera epidemic from October 17, 2010, Haiti Relief Fund was one of the key organizations to help in combat and prevention of Cholera by way of distributing and donating lactated ringers, chlorine bleach, and antibiotics to almost all the Cholera Treatment Centers in Haiti.

Despite all efforts and initial success, the Cholera reemerged and became pandemic in May 2011. Haiti Relief Fund’s Chairman Carlo Thertus was already involved in an emergency response at the Mairie of Carrefour when he learned that Cholera was ravaging residents in rural mountainous areas that were conventionally unreached by other non-governmental organizations. In response to the epidemic, Haiti Relief Fund organized an expedition team of 35 individuals along with mules that carried toiletries, chlorine bleach, other sanitation supplies, medications, and educational materials to be distributed to the cholera victims in these unreached mountain villages. To this day, we continue to send expedition teams on 10 to 13-hour hiking trips to the mountains to help fight Cholera. With your help, Haiti Relief Fund can and will continue to do devise and improve strategies to help Haiti’s poor.

Health Care Relief Efforts:

Haiti Relief Fund is Partnering with Sodeth Hospital to improved health care in Haiti, we help finished the hospital, improved its X-rays capacity, other equipments, an ambulance, and now as of October 2016, on the second floor of the Sodeth Hospital we just finished the work to installed a system of 10 machines of dialysis, when we finished with the dialysis center. Haiti Relief Fund and Sodeth Hospital will continued the construction work to built the Ave Maria Medical Center, to serve as a Medical Emergency Center in Duval Roche, Croix-Des-Bouquets.

As discussed previously, Haiti Relief Fund had been donating barrels of chlorine bleach, aqua table pills, lactated ringers and antibiotics to all major hospitals and CTC Cholera Treatment Centers in and around Port-au-Prince. In addition, Haiti Relief Fund’s expedition team has traveled throughout the south west mountains of Haiti doing cholera prevention.

Please visit this link: Haiti Relief Fund at Work in Haiti. We also posted over 250 videos: Haiti Relief Fund YouTube Channel


Haiti Relief Fund Goals to Build Schools for Underprivileged Children

The purpose of program is to help educate underprivileged children in the remote rural areas of Haiti. In most of the rural areas there are thousands of children who are unable to attend school because in some areas, local schools are nonexistent. Haiti Relief Fund’s educational development project goal is to build and financially support these school budgets on a yearly basis and to monitor the students’ educational progress throughout their schooling.

Haiti Relief Fund Builds Community School of Bedon

Haiti Relief Fund helped build the William Eisenberg Community School of Bedon, in the south west region of Haiti. This school will give thousands of children who never went to school the opportunity to attend. These children will require assistance and continuous support, as they attended school for the first time.

The William Eisenberg Community School of Bedon will serve other neighboring communities, including Grand Bois, Baroni, Nan Chabon, Haute Bedon and Grand Riviere Eau-Fou. Within these communities are about 4,000 Children who have never had access to a school. This is the first time the children in these localities have been afforded the opportunity for education.


All donations to Haiti Relief Fund, Inc. are fully tax deductible. 

Haiti Relief Fund Inc. has adopted a non-discriminating policy and does not discriminate against any of its volunteers, officers or recipients of rendered services based on race, religion, creed, color, or gender.