Our work is your work in Haiti, please continue your support for Haiti by making a donation today, Haiti still needs your help.

The children in Haiti need your help for a better tomorrow.

Haiti Relief Fund has 10 primary schools operated under tents and temporary spaces throughout the south east and north west of Haiti. While these schools are in operation, they educate thousands of under-privilege children in places where a school had never existed before.

The goal is to build a formal primary school in each of these communities. The first has been built in memory of William Eisenberg, Community School of Bedon, 14th Section Morne a Chandelle south east of Haiti. This school will give thousands of children, the opportunity to go to school.


Haiti Relief Fund is in the process of building The Haiti Relief Fund Hospital to serve as a Medical Emergency Center in Duval Roche, Croix-Des-Bouquets. It will consist of 14 prefabricated homes donated from SukUp Manufacturers in collaboration with the Mairie of Croix-Des-Bouquets.

To view our work in Haiti please follow this link: Haiti Relief Fund at Work in Haiti  With over 244 videos on Haiti Relief Fund YouTube Channel

Our work is your work in Haiti.

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Haiti Relief Fund at Work in Haiti

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