attendant care industry standards

3:1 The service works together with an individual and, with consent, their family, friends, carer or advocate to identify their strengths, needs and life goals. Competitive salary. I can make choices about the services and supports I use, and how I use them. promoting a valued role for people with disability in public and private life; connection to family, friends and chosen communities; economic and community participation and associated benefits to the individual and the broader community; participation based on an individual’s interests, identity, heritage, preferences, goals and aspirations (which may change over time); and. 3:3 The service plans, delivers and regularly reviews services or supports against measurable life outcomes. Clients have life goals after rehabilitation – including maintain goals and prevent deterioration. The family relationships, cultural and linguistic environment of the Service Users should be respected. Competency 9 How to abbreviate Attendant Care Industry Management System Standard? The National Disability Strategy promotes active participation in decision making to safeguard and advance the human rights, wellbeing and interests of people with disability. The Attendant Care Worker will safely and effectively carry out personal hygiene and grooming for Service Users. 6:6 The service has systems to strengthen and maintain organisational capabilities to directly support the achievement of individual goals and outcomes. compliance with workplace related legislation and regulation including Work Health Safety, human resource management and financial management. The service manages access, commencement and leaving a service in a transparent, fair and equal and responsive way. Quality Management Systems – Requirements, National Standards for Disability Services. The Attendant Care Worker will assist in the maintenance of continence for the Service User. 6:2 Practice is based on evidence and minimal restrictive options and complies with legislative, regulatory and contractual requirements. Search and apply for the latest Care attendant jobs in Dubuque, IA. Attendant care involves providing assistance for people with disabilities to perform tasks they would normally be doing for themselves. The delivery of services should strive to achieve outcomes desired by the service user. Outcome - Human resources are managed to enable personnel to deliver services of high quality and low risk. 1:3 The service supports active decision-making and individual choice including the timely provision of information in appropriate formats to support individuals, families, friends and carers to make informed decisions and understand their rights and responsibilities. Service users are enabled to direct the planning of their services, and wherever possible the provision of their services. 2:6 The service uses strategies that promote community and cultural connection for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Competency 6 No. This emphasises the importance of people with disability participating in decisions that affect their lives along with family, friends, carers and advocates. Attendant Care Industry Association (ACIA) PO Box A2435 Sydney South NSW 1235 Tel (02) 9264 7197 Fax (02) 9261 0389 ACIS: 2013 – The Attendant Care Industry Standard What's in it? The recommended skills and knowledge required prior to undertaking competency training are listed below. 5:1 The service systematically seeks and uses input from people with disability, their families, friends and carers to ensure access is fair and equal and transparent. Job email alerts. 4:1 Individuals, families, friends, carers and advocates are actively supported to provide feedback, make a complaint or resolve a dispute without fear of adverse consequences. Achieving individual outcomes requires collaboration between the individual and service provider to ensure active choice and decision-making. Providers operating in accordance with ACIS can gain acia-endorsed certification … The development of the standards recognised industry growth. Testimonials. The section also outlines the payment requirements when a rest period is interrupted. Outcome – Each service user has an individual goal-directed service plan that is evaluated in an ongoing manner to ensure it continues to contribute to the achievement of identified goals. One of the conditions associated with this funding required ACIA to investigate the development of attendant care industry standards. Over the first 18 months of its existence, ACIA considered how these standards could be developed and by whom. In NSW these standards are also recognised by icare. New funding bodies and service providers were entering the field. Services should be tailored to the individual Service User’s requirements, and may involve: rehabilitation; maintenance of function; prevent functional deterioration; assist in the acquisition of skills to maximise independence. It aims to: Goals are what the client wants to achieve. Choose Healthy Lifestyle Today For Better Tomorrow!! Pay rates change from 1 July each year, the rates in this guide apply from 01 November 2020.. Information about the definition and operation of allowances, penalties and overtime can be found in the award. Meaning of Duty of Care, confidentiality of information and ethical decision-making in relation to the work role, duties and responsibilities of the Service Provider; what constitutes a breach of these and potential ramifications of such a breach, Broad implications of relevant legislation, including privacy, access and equity, anti-discrimination, Principles underpinning client-centred health care, Role, function and objectives of the organisation, and relevance to specific work role, Organisation procedures relating to fire safety, emergency response, security, Purpose  of quality improvement practice, Broad understanding of relevant organisation procedures, policies, awards, standards and legislation and how to access them, Basic knowledge of employment terms and conditions in the workplace, Demonstrate functional literacy skills needed for written and oral information about workplace requirements, Demonstrate communication skills as required by specific work role, including: - interpreting and following verbal and/or written instructions, Providing appropriate information to both service user and service provider, reporting incidents in line with organisation requirements. I know how to access independent support and advice when providing feedback or making a complaint. 1:4 The service provides support strategies that are based on the minimal restrictive options and are contemporary, evidence-based, transparent and capable of review. All About Caring is a specialist Attendant Care organisation with a quality focus. Person-centred approaches ensure that individuals are in the centre of service design, planning, delivery and review. This encompasses the safety of the Attendant Care Worker, Service User and members of the community. Outcome – Each service user has an individualised service plan that describes his or her identified support needs and requirements and how identified goals will be achieved. Accreditation Systems Recognition Tool - Attendant Care Industry Standards (ACIS) October 2015, English - PDF File (635.7 KB) Was this content useful? Consider ways in which the Attendant Care Worker’s actions or responses may have contributed to behaviours of concern, Identify appropriate response to potential instances of behaviours of concern in line with work role and organisational policies and procedures, Ensure planned responses to behaviours of concern maximise the availability and input of other appropriate staff and resources, Give priority to safety of self and others in responding to behaviours of concern, Ensure response to instances of behaviours of concern reflect organisational policies and procedures, Deal with behaviours of concern promptly, firmly and diplomatically in accordance with organisational policy and procedures, Use communication effectively to achieve desired outcomes, Select appropriate strategies to suit particular instances of difficult or challenging behaviour, Report incidents according to organisational policies and procedures, Review incidents with appropriate staff and offer suggestions appropriate to the area of responsibility, Access and participate in available debriefing mechanism and associated support and/or development activities, Contribute to the development of prevention strategies and early recognition of behaviours of concern documented in the Service Plan. A range of systems and processes are required to support quality service provision and these are reflected in the standard. Outcome - Service user confidentiality is maintained. In Australia, Attendant Care services are required to meet the National Standards for Disability Services. Outcome - Service users are not subject to abuse or neglect as a result of service delivery. Inform Supervisor of changes or concerns related to Service User status or provision of support, Recognise need to discuss any proposed modifications to Service User service plan, Understand roles and responsibility of Service Provider, Supervisor and Attendant Care Worker, and follow correct reporting procedure, Understand and maintain appropriate professional boundaries in relation to provision of Service Users support and organisational policies and procedures, Take responsibility for communicating own training needs, professional development requests to Supervisor, Can recognise the stages and features of grief and loss, Consider how grief and loss and other effects of injury affects Service Users and family members.

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