should i sign my art prints

I don’t usually date my open editions when I offer them. I have looked through many other websites to try and get some information about signing prints when the original work has already been signed. on the back full name subject and what used doing the art work. It’s really smart to put all the details you mention on the back of framed work. 3: 5-6. So keep titling your work. Most doll houses were auctioned of to help the organization I worked for at the time and some were given away to children in foster care. I do not sign my photographs but have been thinking about options, especially for the ones that I do color and texture manipulations to. No signature. Printable art is a super inexpensive way to get high quality art instantly by cutting out the "middle man" and without paying for shipping and waiting for days for your prints to arrive. But for the past 30 or more years I only sign my first name in the lower right corner and sign it in calligraphy. I do have a question that has garnered debate within my circle of art friends…….does the signing have to be of the same medium as the painting or say one uses an an architectural pen on a watercolour, is the painting now considered mixed media? Our eBook – 10 Essential Steps to Selling Art Online, 7 YouTube Art Channels that EVERY Artist will Enjoy, 5 Simple Tips for Painting Ocean Waves & Water, Our Drawing Guide – How to Draw EXACTLY What You See, Nostalgic, Color-soaked Paintings by Simon Miller, Gorgeous, Expressive Landscape Paintings by Sarah Jane Brown, Hand-etched Drypoint and Watercolor Prints by Richard Spare, Unleash your Creativity (Draw Anywhere!) Why doesn’t it feel right to you? Have a great day! I liked the idea of a hidden signature. Do you tell people who collect your work? I’ve used my initials for most of my life time and many people refer to me as MAC, which are my initials. Adjust the resolution to 300 dpi for fine art prints. I have always been signing my art work with my printed last name and then the year. I want you to be making. Or if both partners are artists, then sometimes people prefer to have different names to avoid comparison. If it’s noticed then the buyer proves to me their interested in the painting and looked at it intentsly and had great interest in what they purchased. Brilliant idea… I also have neurological issues and have been trying to find away around this! I hope this helps someone decide what they want to do about their signature. I use my initials on the bottom right corner or sometimes in an inconspicuous area depending on the piece (CTS – in a looping fashion that almost forms a figure 8, to give you a visual) and also the month/year or just the year…. Most artists do, I know, but in the last few years I’ve pretty much decided not to. Thanks for being here! I think artists should do what feels right to them. I’m in my forties, and certainly not changing now. The date is important for me as I can track my progress and relate the works to the period of time and the situation I was in.      Copyright © 2016 Artist Strong. I use a bindrune as well! I have always signed my works no matter how they are, good, bad, completed or not. Because, it means work to them. If we have left this world, it doesn’t really matter now, does it? Hi there! The idea is not to draw any attention away from the picture. it makes such a long name that I’m not totally pleased yet. There is no right or wrong way to do it. If someone sees your artwork at a friend’s home and they’re like, “Oh, who’s Carrie?” for example, it could start a dialog that gets you a new collector. I don’t want observers to wonder who painted the piece. There is one story about Michelangelo, however, when he created his masterpiece: the sculpture that’s called La Pietà. This worked at art fairs but most artists and galleries poo-poo’d this idea. But everyone’s rules are different. You may wish to number and sign them, so people know what number print of the run they have purchased, as lower numbers are perceived to have a higher value than larger numbers. Our art prints and reproductions are true masterpieces that will last for decades. Glad to have you here. My honest opinion is: do what you want. Your doll houses sound so special, thank you so much for sharing Helga! Oddly enough, the same thing holds true with prints, giclées, and even posters created by today’s artists. Take care all. Otherwise, not. Can take photo of your piece then email or to home computer so you can then add a watermark to it in paint program. But first, here are a few reasons why artists DO sign their work. Ultimately, however, I know that’s not always true. Thanks for sharing Anne and happy creating <3, Like reading these.ideas about signing your own art work. But it just seems wrong. It can be on the back, the bottom, the sides, the edges-- anywhere as long as it's there. I do love the conversation that has continued here in the comments. I don’t want potential buyers to think it hadn’t sold in years prior. Sort by. That’s my whole point in this article. Thanks so much for sharing, I too enjoy all the many ways we choose to sign our art. I place small initials in the bottom right corner as well as the month and year for any piece that could be framed or hung. Thanks for reading/watching! The other strategy is to study SEO and take SEO measures to reclaim your name on the internet. I know I felt that pressure myself. I just do it, no matter it’s wrong or right or my works are gonna be so important some day or not. You don't say what kind of prints you've got, the quality of the paper, if the art is photography or painting, if they will be mounted or matted. The number of art fairs devoted to prints, multiples and works on paper demonstrates the increasing interest in this area of collecting. That being said, I want you to break those rules if they don’t fit for you. Some artists feel selling giclee prints of their original artwork, their work’s value diminishes. I signed my name on the bottom right of my original graphite drawing. While Saving Lives, Too! Most people online will put a small digital name covering the work. And like one of the commenters above I sign abstract works at the back because I think in abstract works any element and even dots can affect on the whole frame. Others I leave unsigned. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I sign my paintings in cursive writing or calligraphy. After that, open it as a file, and resize on top of your drawing. Since I print my giclee fine art prints on loose canvas and have it mounted on board from there, I have gone with a artist’s dark pencil that is used for drawing. Oddly enough, the same thing holds true with prints, giclées, and even posters created by today’s artists. Since you’ve changed your name and are in a new chapter of your art life, this could be an opportunity to sign with a new signature or name! Have been working with many different mediums over the years but have never put any items on exhibit until now ( next week ! ) Choosing Oils or Acrylics I’ve stopped putting the year on the front of the work, I only use my initials now. I recently began selling my artwork out of a gallery on consignment, I was new to the whole choice of whether to sign or not and if so where and how? I do it for myself. I don’t say anything, so far no one has found it. Great perspective to share in here. This is probably considered improper in some circles. Art Copyright Information I sold a shirt for $40. It looks nothing like my real signature but I changed the style of each letter to make it legible and elegant at the same time. What resolution you need will depend on what size project you’re working on. My paintings are also signed on the back with my full name, name of painting and my favorite scripture So many great ideas. I sign my artist signature the exact same way, first and last name, on the front of every piece I create. It doesn’t erase easily because of the crevices from the canvas and because of how dark the pencil is. Could turn them off…idk it’s a difficult decision… Help! The year it was printed or the year the original was made? Thanks again for sharing Angela! Click below to learn more! Title and year on the back frame which is covered with the canvas. It’s a good idea, but I love the secret play aspect of it too. I do not know why I do it but I feel I should. Also somewhere in my watercolors I will put 3 dots incorporated somewhere into the painting. Flowers has just participated at Multiplied, a new fair put on by Christie’s during Frieze week, which was fantastic. level 1. cheeritapparel. Part of the reason I wrote this article is I think too many people stress over it! Why You Should Sign Your Prints. My Account . But noe I am starting to produce art regularly and getting involved with galleries and considering a web site. Thanks for sharing Suzy! Watermarks are easy to create using a translucent font in your Paintbrush program if you use Windows and or any other basic paint program that is out there. So, I’ve come to the decision to sign my work on the back and I will now date it when sold, i also do not know whether or not i should name it…i don’t want to make the customer have to agree with the name I’ve chosen, better to leave it alone and let the customer “name it, from their vision” idk if that’s a good idea or not? I will pencil a date on the back. Besides (and I would recommend this mindset for other artists) it’s my art and i will sign it as I wish. Thank you for this article ! I started doubting about signing my works because a university teacher once made fun of me infront of all others about an sketch I had for an idea. Will have to figure that one out. It’s better to make sure your images are small in scale and in resolution, because then there is no quality digital information that they can steal to make prints of, etc. You are the first! Hi Mary! Thanks for sharing Amy! How to Price your Art Date of year underneath, Nancy I’m so sorry to hear of your awful experience but I am thankful you’d share it here with us and help everyone make informed decisions about their art and signing it. I my you paint it and like it why not let people know that the art is yours. I’ve always signed my art work even as a 5 yr old, though it’s changed as my hand writing improved. This is a great question. by Carrie | Art Marketing, Build Your Skill, Develop Your Unique Artist Voice | 166 comments. The ONLY situation in which it's not ethical is to sign and sell the art as if it's entirely yours. From a certain distance, the initials are not that easy to see, so as not to distract from the work. In general I paint for the enjoyment I get out of it and at present love landscape painting. Help Me Sell My Art Online, Tips for Beginning Artists You can usually print anything up to 13 in (33 cm) by 19 in (48 cm) without adjusting the resolution from the standard 72 dpi. save. However, it is a pretty common practice for portrait photographers to put a small digital signature on their prints at about 30% opacity in the bottom corner. Required fields are marked *. Writing Artist Statements We can stop the idea of theft from controlling our decisions as creatives. I find pricing my art (be it prints or originals) the hardest part of being an artist. I had never heard of this. All of my images are saved in .png format. Your signature can act as a kind of logo for your work and help people who don’t know you learn about you. Yeah. Hi, I never sign the front of the work, since I think it’s a distraction from the image. Art forgers not only need to re-create the work of art they’re forging, but to perfectly replicate the signature of the artist. Laura. Of course, if someone doesn’t order a … Any art appraiser will tell you that a clear signature on a famous artist’s painting will almost always increase that painting’s monetary worth. Prints Fine Art Prints. Hi Karen. I enjoyed reading about the subject. hide. Would that be okay considering it’s a male name and I’m female? Otherwise, you can make a professional looking signature by writing it on paper and scanning it onto the computer. Great idea and thank you for sharing! That being said, I want you to break those rules if they don’t fit for you. Artists should take the important final step of signing their prints. . The Bob Ross Method I’d love to hear more from you and I look forward to talking to you in the comments below this video. Actually sign the work; don’t simply create a digital file of your signature and add that to an image. Only started after retired senior art therapy started me with gift our assisted living we started a morning hour of working together . And when I’m looking at other artwork, I like to think that the signature is just a point of interest (like the price tag) and that it doesn’t change how I feel about the art itself. I’ve seen photographers sign their names with a sharpie across their images. Signing your art is super important! DPI has nothing to do with your file. Another reason to sign your artwork is to claim ownership of it, and to prove that YOU, not anyone else, created it. Creating prints of your art makes your work more affordable and accessible to a wider range of audiences than selling solely originals, but not all prints are created equal. I always have this question, m i supposed to sign!!! I (previously) went back and signed my name to sketches I made figuring once I was gone my family might enjoy them and my signature “anchors “ them or adds historical significance. I have had several prints made of this drawing – so my signature shows on the print, but is a copy. If I recall correctly the numbering is done on the left side, the middle is the title with quotation marks around them and your signature is on the right. So will probably continue with my first iniyial and last name. I can’t say that I do yet and I need to be better at it and take my own advice. Thanks for reading Nancy! That’s one of our first stories of people signing their art. I don’t normally sign the front of my work partly because I feel it distracts from the work. My last name starts with a “K” so as I sign I let the letter sweep down and I add a tiny cross. He had overheard people admiring it and giving credit to another artist for that sculpture. I know I felt that pressure myself. PPI (Pixels per Inch) refers to the number of pieces of information that are present in one inch of your image file at the selected print size. Its an honest answer which liberates the artist from personal pressures and honesty to his or herself…..i am greatly encouraged…thank you very much…, Art is my hobby….Im learning art on my own… I love to try different mediums, diffrent styles … I love to sign my artwork… Although i m not an artist…. I bought all rights to use except resale. <3 Thanks for reading and for asking! Thanks for sharing your experience! Date and any other info you care to pAin it for me.ut on the reverse so that I have the back story (pun intended) of the piece. ah! Well, if this is pressuring you so that you don’t make art: stop signing your art. If it’s on the work, most thieves won’t take it. If my drawing is identical to another owner’s piece of work, I DO NOT sign. I also write my name and year on the back. Sometimes it needs the weight of a good black splodge! and framing choices! What kinds of prints should I sign? And as I have neurological issues that prevent me from being able to actually paint my signature with a brush legibly, I simply title the painting, add my signature (my first name only, which I’ve used since I was 12, [now 53]), and the date with a permanent marker on the back. Keep looking for that right fit for your art. Also, I put the copyright symbol on my artworks to give it some protection at least as it is a fact that art is copied from the internet. Also, sign your painting before adding a varnish or finishing coat. Like an other artist mentioned in the comments, I also like to insert initials or name within the artwork or attached my name to a trompe l’œil painted key! I sign my prints with paint pens (archival of course). I use at least three signatures, my full name, my initial first name with full name, and a logo I created with initials in a circle and three point to represent water sign. I my you paint it and like it why not let people know that the art is yours. I placed the title of the house on the foundation bricks and created collection theme of “one home at a time” and added the kids’ first name only on individual bricks to give them a sense of pride. Introducing the Highly-Customizable Artist Cargo Sketchbook Organizer! I generally use my initials too. . If your proud of your art Sign it!! I was putting my name with a “collection year” but, i realize that some people might not like a collection from “2017, 18 or 19”, not wanting to buy “old art” feeling that if it’s still hanging around after a couple of years, why? Yes I did read it and was encouraged by what was written . I think that’s just fine Tony! I know this is a concern many artists face and I discuss that here:

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