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Yet, our music curriculum in many cases has not. 2. Every music educator must feel like they belong and that NAfME has the answers, services, and networking structure that they need in order to be highly successful and fulfilled as professional educators. NAfME Southwest Division Election. She was very involved in the music and drama departments, which lead her to Clarion University to earn a Bachelors Degree in Music Education. Music teachers are often asked to be a specialist in many areas of music instruction. Jim and Carolyn Fern Music Education Scholarship; Technology; Special Learners; Collegiate NAfME; Kentucky All-State Guitar Orchestra; Join or Renew. Mackie is entering during a challenging time for Music Educators, but has a positive outlook and is ready to collaborate and lead MEAs across the United States. The Connecticut Music Educators Association (CMEA) is a federated state organization for the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) and is the largest arts education association in the state of Connecticut. Organizer NAfME Website: . Get email updates from I believe that our biggest challenge unique to the Western Division will be confronting the idea that tradition and innovation are mutually exclusive. On February 8, 2018, the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) announced the 2018-2020 National President-Elect chosen by NAfME Members: Dr. Mackie V. Spradley, Immediate Past President of NAfME's Texas chapter. I believe that our success lies in our work making our traditional music curriculum relevant to our student population and attracting students to a program that. We must continue to work at the national, state, and local levels to uphold the teaching profession and help to make it a positive and fruitful career choice. A “one size fits all” approach will not work. One of the major challenges facing music education is attracting and retaining highly qualified teachers to the profession. Judy Bush North Central Division Immediate Past-President Lincoln, NE. Maybe the most significant issue facing music education, however, is the challenge of cultivating enough individuals who can clearly communicate the importance of music education for all children to a variety of audiences on a regular basis. Proven Practices and Perspectives for Today's Music Educator This conference will focus on proven practices in the current climate of synchronous and asynchronous teaching, in both hybrid and in-person settings. Kentucky Children’s Chorus; General Music 6–12 . Retention of teachers in the field is often difficult due to the long work hours and lifestyle choices that many music teaching positions require. NAfME must ensure that they are offering services that a multi-generational community of music educators requires to both thrive and survive. NAfME: An Association with a Vision, NATIONAL EXECUTIVE BOARD a Mission, and Amazing Members Over the past thirty years, the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) has developed and grown as an organiza-tion in much the same way that we as music educators help our students develop and grow personally and musically. Members can sign up for the RIMEA e-mail list. The 57th NAfME Eastern Division Virtual In-Service Conference April 22-24. Seamlessly building advocacy into our work as music teachers is an important role that needs consistent attention. Karalee is using Smore newsletters Our students deserve a first-class education in music with diverse and rich curriculum. 2017 Conference Program, 23rd July 2017 9:00 Registration (Chai/Coffee), Vendors 9:30 Welcome - Natalie Sarrazin, Executive Director, WMEA 9:45 Choir Festival Video presentation of the Winning Performance 10:00 Keynote 1: Denese Odegaard, President of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) Russ Sperling, Western Division President. Advertise. 224 likes. January 12, 2021 – February 10, 2021. 1. For KJHC see Choral Division; College/University. Western District is a division of MMEA, a federated state unit of NAfME. We All Belong! We thank them for their assistance and commitment to NAfME members as we all pull together to keep educating and making music. It was PMEA's pleasure to host this biennial event. For the survival of music education in our schools, it is essential for strong and active professional music education associations. Learn more about which cookies NAfME uses or switch them off in settings. December 16th, 2020 The Junior Audition Registration Form has been posted! The NAfME elections include voting for the National President-Elect and for the Western Division President-Elect. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. While our enrollment in traditional music classes has grown exponentially, so has our expansion of the District’s Mariachi Program. Instruction grounded in our Western arts tradition yet mindful of current musical trends must influence our teaching. NAfME should continue to offer professional development resources that address the changes in the what and the how of teaching. For KCC see General Music K–5 Division; Orchestra; General Music K–5. Take the time to read the responses from our candidates. Division presidents preside at their board meetings and communicate their concerns to the National Executive Board. This site is designed to serve Western Massachusetts music teachers and their students. Over the next decade, music educators in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, and Utah have the opportunity to grow and expand music education in each state as we support both innovation with tradition in our school music curriculums. NAfME must continue to strive to be relevant to all music educators. Communicating clearly to administrators the need for highly qualified teachers in music is often a challenge as well. The Eastern Division of NAfME and its state leaders have stepped up to the challenge. We aim to notify regard… expects excellence. During his tenure in CMEA leadership, Scott Hedgecock has been part of the restructuring of CMEA including two Strategic Plans, and has been part of the continued growth of the Western Division during the “Bringing NAfME West” and “Shortening the Distance” eras, two important areas of focus that he believes should be sustained in the future of the Western Division of NAfME. Where only one school participated in the program two years ago, now six schools participate! Audition Instructions; Registration and Info; Conference Exhibitors; Student Events. President-Elect Voting. The presidents of those associations and their members also welcome you to the Western Division, and all of us look forward to new relationships and opportunities to learn from one another. NAfME Western Division’s greatest strength lies in the diversity of its students, each of whom come from communities that reflect our rich, unique, American cultural heritage. A strong NAfME presence through exhibiting and presenting sessions at major music discipline-specific conferences around the nation should be an ongoing focus. The North Central, Southern, and Western Division Presidents-Elect for 2018-20 were also named. RIMEA is the state organization of NAfME. The days of posting a newsletter around the neighborhood are over. Through creative approaches such as virtual conferences, festivals, and strong advocacy initiatives, our students and members continue to be well served. The other Western Division music education afliates of NAfME include Arizona (AMEA), California, (CMEA), Hawaii (HMEA), Nevada (NMEA) and Utah (UMEA). Our students are united by their love of music. Dian Eddleman Southern Division Immediate Past-President Jackson, TN. NAfME should continue to set the high degree of policy and advocacy work that has become a trademark of the organization. Candidates for Western Division President-Elect Vol. Our mem-bers do phenomenal work every day, as do those in the NAfME … Critical to the power of our associations is strong leadership, especially at a time when the work required is more complex than ever before. In my region of California, our student population is 88% Latino, and 88% of our students are identified as lower socio-economically status, defined as a household of four earning less than $20,000 per year. The need to continue to play a strong advocacy role for all of arts education. The specific needs of teachers in metropolitan, inner-city, suburban, urban, and rural areas must always be collectively considered. Welcome! The ethnic demographics in Western Division have changed over the past twenty years. NAfME must continue to acknowledge the delicate line between a national organization and the highly diverse states and regions within the country.

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