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She met Theodora during this time, with whom she would become lifelong friends. [40] James Evans examines what we know of Antonina and what remains uncertain. "[16][17] Her precautions probably prevented the growth of algae. Perhaps Belisarius' greatest flaw was not, as Gibbon puts it, uxoriousness, but rather his constant loyalty to a bad emperor. . But Antonina loved Theodosius too well. [34] Procopius credits Antonina with his restoration to favor. However, like many powerful men before and after him, Belisarius’ one weakness had the sway to destroy men and ruin empires. Antonina (Wife of Belisarius) Book. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 15 avril 2017 à 18:59. Empress Theodora reportedly helped and saved Antonina when Belisarius tried to charge his wife at last. In Kastenellos' opinion, "Antonina was less to be faulted than successful businessmen and gossips. [1][27], And he [John] was pleased by the message (for he inferred that this undertaking offered him a way to the fulfilment of his prophecies and to the royal power), and straightway without any hesitation he assented, and bade his child arrange that on the following day he himself should come to confer with Antonina and give pledges. Moorhead (1994), p. 174. Feminine Women Can Cook: Lady Sanga; Femme Fatale: Again, Antonina. ... "He, however, disregarding all that had happened, and forgetting completely and neglecting the oaths which had been sworn to Photius and his other kinsmen, meekly followed the woman, being extraordinarily smitten with her, though she was already sixty years of age." Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images Articles containing Ancient Greek-language text, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, WordReference English-Greek Dictionary, "granddaughter", "History of the Later Roman Empire from the Death of Theodosius I to the Death of Justinian",, "The Empress Theodora:Partner of Justinian",, "Byzantine empresses:women and power in Byzantium, AD 527–1204",, "A to Z of ancient Greek and Roman women, revised edition",, "The Prosopography of the Later Roman Empire, Volume III: AD 527–641",, Moreover, his own wife Antonina proved to be disloyal and debauched, carrying on many affairs at court. Procopius of Caesarea; Dewing, Henry Bronson (1914). Beside Belisarius rode his wife, the one-time prostitute Antonina who was a product of Constantinople's crime- infested streets and slums. Belisarius was able to convince Photius to act as his own agent. For it so happened that certain other things too, as related by me previously, had occurred in the army which influenced him to this retreat. He served as the secretary and legal adviser of Belisarius from 527 and 540. . Since almost nothing is certain of Antonina's life before meeting Belisarius, Kastenellos has invented a plausible youth. Empress Theodora reportedly helped and saved Antonina when Belisarius tried to charge his wife at last. Dewing (1914), History of the Wars, Book 3, Chapter 13.24. Acquainted with magic drugs used by her parents before her, she learned how to use those of compelling qualities and became the wedded wife of Belisarius, after having already borne many children. [1], In the 540s, her daughter Ioannina had married Anastasius. And when Constantinus, who happened to be still tarrying there, heard of this, he sent one of his guards, Maxentiolus, and took away from him both the daggers for no good reason. Throughout all this, while Belisarius was risking his life and fortune for the emperor, the reader is immersed in literally Byzantine politics. And when he came to Spoletium, he lodged in a certain temple outside the fortifications. Back on Track With … Books Advanced Search Today's Deals New Releases Amazon Charts Best Sellers & More The Globe & Mail Best Sellers New York Times Best Sellers Best Books of the Month Children's Books Textbooks Kindle Books Audible Audiobooks Livres en français Though her having several children could be no more than rumour. About this time, meanwhile, Belisarius married the widowed Antonina, who, as an old friend to the empress Theodora, had influence at court that was later to be of great importance to him. He accordingly drew the dagger which hung by his thigh and suddenly thrust it at the belly of Belisarius. But Constantinus, thinking that he was to die that very instant, wished to do some great deed before he should suffer anything himself. Antonina, as I have told, was now quite out of temper with her husband, but on the most friendly and intimate terms with the Queen, since she had got rid of John of Cappadocia. But John (since it was fated that he should fare ill), disregarding the emperor's warning, about midnight met Antonina, close by a certain wall behind which she had stationed Narses and Marcellus with their men that they might hear what was said. Antonina, the wife of General Belisarius, Justinian’s favored military commander, was a close friend of the Empress. We can not be certain how and when Antonina and Theodora met. But the most "extravagant details" of the debaucheries of the women, arguably follow a tradition of "invective" writings against "wicked women". Dewing (1935), Secret History, Chapter 1. Her actions constantly undermined and weakened Belisarius. "[1][2], He names Photius as a son of Antonina. [18], We do not know when or how Antonina and Belisarius met. Justinian next chose Belisarius to begin the reconquest of the western Roman territories occupied by Germanic peoples . The officers that he commanded were self-serving and unreliable; but the common soldiers loved and respected him. The main source for the lives of the characters are histories written by Procopius of Caesaria. . Almost all of what we know about her and her unscrupulous maneuverings comes from the historian Procopius, whose Secret History (Anecdota) is a scorching … [1][14], Procopius portrays Antonina as leading a shameless life, even after marrying Belisarius. But describes him as a son from a previous marriage, not as an illegitimate. This estimation of her age places her birth at c. But Constantinus—for it must needs be that evil befall him—always lightly evaded the charge and taunted the wronged man. Belisarius’s character is elusive. [1][9][33], Belisarius fell out of favor in late 542–543, through unrelated causes. Breast Plate: Belisarius's wife, Antonina. Later historians have suspected that Silverius was murdered in June 537, prior to his second trial. Then Constantinus, still boiling with anger, made after him; but Ildiger and Valerian, seeing what was being done, laid hold of his hands, one of the right and the other of the left, and dragged him back. "Now Belisarius made the request that he should receive back his proper office and, upon being designated General of the East, should again lead the Roman army against Chosroes and the Medes, but Antonina would have none of it; for she maintained that she had been insulted by him in those regions, and never would he again set eyes upon them." . Italy, 6th century. [1][16] Procopius narrates: "Belisarius encouraged the Roman populace and then dismissed them; and Procopius, who wrote this history, he immediately commanded to go to Naples. Dewing (1914), History of the Wars, Book 6, Chapter 7.15. So he commanded Martinus and Trajan with a thousand men to go to Tarracina. She meets and falls for the considerably younger Belisarius, and he for her. His lieutenants are disobedient political appointments with familial relations to Justinian, or are barbarian chieftains with little loyalty to anyone. Antonina has been suggested as the culprit, but the new Pope Vigilius is also a suspect. See Copying and Sharing ConceptNet for more details.Copying and Sharing ConceptNet for more details. On the eve of his expedition to Libya, Belisarius baptized this boy in holy water and received him in his arms as a member henceforth of the family, welcoming him with his wife as their son, according to the Christian rite of adoption. She summoned both Belisarius and Antonina back to Constantinople. Belisarius, though not well known in the west, was one of history's greatest battle leaders and also one of the most noble. Theodosius himself might have been a little scared of his lover. "For in order that the man might not be alone and thus come to himself, and scorning her enchantments might come to think as he ought concerning her, she had taken care to travel all over the world with him." He left there Antonina with the infantry. Cambridge University Press. All the while she is romantically involved with Theodosius. [18], Both Liberatus of Carthage and Victor of Tunnuna report that Antonina forced Pope Vigilius, early in his term, to sign a statement of faith in Monophysitism. Photius she subjected to one servile torture after another, tearing the flesh off his back and shoulders with merciless flogging, insisting that he should disclose the whereabouts of Theodosius and the procurer. Prime Cart. His Achilles’ heel was none other than his wife, Antonina. For Theodora hated her, and had already shown her teeth. 2 likes. 91–3. "History of the wars. It was apparently common knowledge among the staff of Belisarius. But in the natural confusion which resulted the body-guards of John (for they stood close by) came immediately to his side. Procopius narrates: "As for Belisarius, he brought upon himself much ridicule on the part of the Romans, for though he had barely escaped from the enemy, he bade them take courage thenceforth and look with contempt upon the barbarians; for he knew well, he said, that he would conquer them decisively. A slave girl attempted to tell him. He then went on to become a member of the Byzantine Senate. In a vision of the future in Oblique Approach, Belisarius sees himself leading a charge and everyone shouting the Battle Cry "For the whore!" When, therefore, she had quit Byzantium and had reached the suburb (the one called Rufinianae which was the private possession of Belisarius), there John should come as if to salute her and to escort her forth on the journey, and they should confer regarding matters of state and give and receive their pledges. Procopius, Secret History, Book 2, Chapter 5.23–24. She was the one to arrange the marriage to the heiress. Procopius features her as dominating Belisarius. But they say that it was also through her magic arts that he was brought under the control of the woman and immediately undone." Tenor Eudora, friend of Irene . Despite the treatment he often received from Justinian, Belisarius never wavered in his obedience, contributing one of the nobler dimensions to Justinian’s era. And after they had loaded the boats with all the freight they could carry, they waited for a favouring wind and set sail toward Rome by the Tiber, and a portion of the army followed them along the right bank of the river to support them. Belisarius owned the estate of Rufinianae on the Asiatic side of the Constantinople suburbs. Wherever the narrative has differed from the strict historical record as we know it from Procopius, that is explained in an afterword. Antonina (484/495-after 565) was an Eastern Roman Empire (which is improperly called Byzantine Empire) patrician, wife of the general Belisarius and very close to the Empress Theodora, wife of the Emperor Justinian. Belisarius took this oath, renouncing the world, the flesh, and the devil. Count Belisarius purports to be a biography written by Eugenius, a eunuch who is a servant of Belisarius' wife Antonina. And when Antonina, the patrician, saw him she said to him 'Tell us, Lord Pope Silverius, what we have done to you and to the Romans that you should wish to betray us into the hands of the Goths.' While eventually released, Procopius suggests that Bouzes continued to suffer from a failing eyesight and ill health for the rest of his life. Theodora had Belisarius thrown in prison and seized his property. [1][20], Antonina is next mentioned on a mission for Theodora at Rome, the deposition of Pope Silverius (March, 537), early in the Gothic War. Antonina was no longer young at the time of her marriage. Though his emperor always suspected that the general would one day attempt to seize the throne, when that was suggested to him by the Goths of Italy he pretended to accept their offer of support only to turn the Gothic kingdom over to Justinian. Photius had abducted the youth and hidden him. However, her infidelity is not allowed to overshadow her contributions. Moreover, his own wife Antonina proved to be disloyal and debauched, carrying on many affairs at court. Photius is reported resenting Theodosius and disgusted by his mother. A number of later historians have accepted this. In early 549, Antonina broke up this marriage. Antonina was a Byzantine patrikia and wife of the general Belisarius. "Accordingly the two men swore to each other all the oaths which are the most terrible among the Christians and are in fact so designated by them, that they would never betray each other, even in the presence of dangers threatening their destruction." And the empress, hearing the whole account from Antonina, expressed approval of what she had planned, and by her exhortations raised her enthusiasm to a much higher pitch still. 633, 815, 915. Antonina tells the tale of Flavius Belisarius one of history's greatest generals, and of his strong and capable wife, the titillating Antonina; both their loves and lives, together and apart. Theodora and Antonina, Belisarius’s wife, both came from the demi-monde of the theater, which was beyond the pale in Constantinople. But since the wind they had was very gentle and languid, it was only on the sixteenth day that they came to land at a deserted place in Sicily near which Mount Aetna rises. Martindale, John R.; Jones, A.H.M. 6–7. Dewing (1935), Secret History, Chapter 3. Serving the Byzantine Emperor Justinian during the 6th century A.D., Belisarius defeated a superior Persian force that threatened to extinguish Constantinople; his small army next drove the Vandals out of the ancient Roman provinces of North Africa and forced the Visigoths to retreat from Italy, returning Rome to the Emperor for the final time. Cambridge University Press. She then inflicted sundry servile tortures upon Photius, among others combing his back and his shoulders with many lashes and commanded him to tell where in the world Theodosius and the go-between were. And on one occasion when she was present alone with her in her room she pretended to lament the fate which was upon her, saying that although Belisarius had made the Roman empire broader by a goodly measure than it had been before, and though he had brought two captive kings and so great an amount of wealth to Byzantium, he found Justinian ungrateful; and in other respects she slandered the government as not just. Kastenellos sees it otherwise. Procopius alleges that she only did so to maintain her influence on the general. He defames nearly everyone else. [1][34], At this point, Theodora intervened in the behalf of her ally. Which would make her still alive in 565. Now she was unfaithful as a wife from the start, but was careful to conceal her indiscretions by the usual precautions; not from any awe of her spouse (for she never felt any shame at anything, and fooled him

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