Board of Directors

Haiti Relief Fund : One Year After the Earthquake

Haiti Relief Fund : Two Years After the Earthquake


Carlo Thertus, Chair, President CEO, USA, Haiti

Oversees all operations USA and Haiti, this policy is to make sure Haiti Relief Fund is effective in helping the people of Haiti.

Dr. Johane Benyehuda, Vice President, USA, Haiti

Michael Harvey, Vice President, USA

Jerry Eisenberg, Treasurer, USA

Todd McGuire, Director, Educational Project for Haiti, USA

Dr. Jean Roumel Theodor, Director of health Care in Haiti / PDG Sodeth Hospital

Ronald Blain, Architect, Project Director, Haiti

Eugene Robenson, Chief Coordinator, Outreach Officer, Haiti

Lesly Jean Denis, Outreach Officer, Haiti


Lawrence J. Misrok, USA

Dr. Gerard GermainUSA

Alexander Von Lignau, Haiti